When deciding to start a venture like a craft gin distillery, it goes without saying that a passion for the ardent spirit is non-negotatiable. But the creators of Six Dogs Distillery take this passion to a whole new level. The Karoo is deeply ingrained in their being. Without it, there would be no Six Dogs gin. And so, through meticulous scientific methods and a hint of alchemy, they captured the essence of the Karoo and bottled it.

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On a day like any other - on a farm between the Breede River and Hex River Valleys - Charles Bryant had a vision unlike any other. Looking at the shed that housed his family's six dogs and an old copper geyser, he saw it turned into a distillery that would one day produce a gin that would transform the local craft distillery industry.

As with all good dreamers, Charles soon had company. His brother Glenn joined him - along with their longtime friend, Luigi Marucchi. They wanted to capture something of the Karoo's essence in their gin, which led them to research molecular distillation to an expert level. What they found was that if they distilled the more delicate Karoo botanicals found in their gin in separate vacuums - and blended them later - they would preserve the tastes and fragrances better. With these rather precise specifications in mind, they custom designed their still from the old copper geyser in the shed.


What the artisans of Six Dogs Karoo Gin don't grow on their farm, they source from their neighbours - who grow specific fruits for them - and the surrounding hills and valleys. When the old dog shed was rehabilitated into a bona fide distillery, they gave it a view of the kloof rising up from the farm. From these hills, they source only the purest mountain water, which they use when making their gin.

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  • Paired notes of Juniper and Wild Lavender that, together, introduce the Karoo
  • What follows is a fresh medley of citrus, which includes limes, Clemengold and farm-grown lemon Buchu, all clamouring to escape the glass
  • Cassia, Chamomile and Angelica bind the heart of this gin, while the delicate flower of the Acacia thorn adds a top note of soft sweetness
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Six Dogs Karoo Gin is best enjoyed in a Karoo state of mind - simply, as is, over ice with a good tonic - and a twist of lime rind.

You can pick up your bottle of Six Dogs Karoo Gin at select Liquor Cities and Tops. Or buy it online at Cybercellar.