Cuvée Clive stands proud as Graham Beck's prestige Cuvée - the very pinnacle of their Cap Classique range - and reaffirms their reputation for being a world-class producer of bottle-fermented wines.


Graham Beck's cellar master, Pieter Ferreira describes Cuvée Clive as a wine with no rules. "It is about selection upon selection of the individual base wines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir - of the given vintage - that will express the ultimate Cuvée Clive," he says, "so much more than just cherry picking!"  

He adds, "In fact, there are some years when we have to announce that there will be no Cuvée Clive, which means that we only produce it in an exceptional vintage. It is a culmination of meticulous planning, unbridled passion and the pursuit of the perfect bubble."

With all the sophistication and attention to detail that surrounds Cuvée Clive, Pieter finds that this particular wine is perfectly suited to Jan Hendrik and his team - firm in the belief that through Graham Beck's relationship with Jan Hendrik, they can explore and discover what it is that makes life so delectable.

Taste description

  • Exceptionally complex yet subtle

  • Approachable and round with the potential to age

Pairing suggestions

Pieter believes there is no longer any right or wrong when it comes to pairing. His personal choice? "Duck liver parfait on toasted brioche or seared scallops on a serving of wild mushroom risotto comes to mind!"

In South Africa, Cuvée Clive is available from Norman Goodfellows and Wine Concepts. Abroad, you will find it at Graham Beck's UK agent, Bibendum PLB and in Japan through Mottox.