Based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, Alwijn is a creative genius who showcases his talents in everything from flower arrangement classes for gentlemen to creative productions for high-end shows and weddings. He generally scatters his unique, glittering brand of fairy dust on anything and anyone that stands still for long enough! 

Words by Anna-Bet Stemmet and Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

Pictures by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen

1.       The obvious first question … do you love food and what is your favourite flavours at the moment?

Let me start this interview with an honest answer: I adore food. As far as flavours are concerned I am fascinated by floral flavours (there’s a surprise). There are a huge range of ‘petals for the palate’ yet to be discovered!

2.       Your go-to comfort food or midnight snack?

You asked for it - grilled cheese with truffle oil.

3.       Where do you see Blomboy heading in 2016?

As BLOMBOY I will strive to further develop my niche market by means of collaboration with other creatives. My wishlist for 2016 is a mile long - I can but hope for it to include a unique new collaboration in France, a publication, a garden and more flowers than ever before!

4.       Where does all your magical inspiration come from?

I honestly don’t really know. I am an aesthetic magpie who lives to put pretty things together. Why certain things inspire me more than others will remain a mystery.

5.       Tell us a bit about GFAC (Gentlemen’s Flower Arranging Club) and how we gentlemen can get involved?

I am thrilled by an overwhelming response (by both the media and public alike) to this exciting new venture. The GFAC is one of my great passions simply because it defines the way in which I want to interact with people and work with flowers. It is a really special platform - one which I could write essays about. But for the sake of this interview I will keep to this: nothing challenges the conventions of masculinity quite the way flowers do.

Look us up on facebook/theGFAC

6.       Can you share any of your top secret flower trends for Xmas season 2015?

I love celebrating the ‘silly season’ by doing just that - being silly. I believe the secret behind a stylish festive season is to not take flowers too seriously. Add glitter, use brave colours and explore bold combinations. Fake is fancy. Silly is sexy.

7.       We want to keep our flowers fresh and beautiful for as long as possible, any tips to extend their life at home?

The two most traditional tips are to cut the stems and keep the water fresh. I am not a huge fan of keeping flowers on life support simply to keep them fresh. Flowers should be allowed to bloom, wilt and wither… therein lies their real beauty.

8.       Is your toilet paper floral print or plain white?

Believe it or not - I am a minimalist with a love for luxury. Plain white three-ply, thank you.

9.       Any exciting projects for 2016 we can look forward to?

I have never looked forward to a year with more anticipation! I have been dabbling with so many things, collaborating with so many people and experimenting with so many mediums for so long and I see 2016 as a culmination of all of these endeavours (I hope the suspense is killing you!).

10.   How can people get hold of you and your magic flower dust?

My new website is launching early in 2016. For a more up-to-the-minute view of what I am busy with - follow me on facebook/theblomboy or instagram @theblomboy.