When bestowing a name of such gravity on a wine, one creates tremendous expectations. Fuelled by an abundance of creativity and innovation, the Creation experience takes many an unexpected turn - not only exceeding taste expectations, but every other aspect of the Creation experience as well.  

Pinot Noir 2015

When asked what makes this wine so special, Creation Wines owner Carolyn Martin responds with a fable-like description of the conditions that allow their Pinot Noir vineyards to flourish: 

Many a moon and tide ago, in a beautiful little enclave near the sea, the breezes and the ocean made a pact. Every afternoon at an appointed time, they would chase the clouds high, high up to the peak of the nearby mountain and set them dancing and swirling, churning and whirling in a spectacle too wondrous to describe.

"This 'thermal vortex' creates a cool night index," explains Carolyn, "helping Creation’s Pinot Noir vineyards to thrive on the slopes of the Babylonstoren Mountain below, slowly ripening their fruit to flavourful, well-balanced perfection."

"Pinot Noir is the prince of red wine," Carolyn muses, "Infinitely charming and seductive."

Taste Description

  • Delicate whiffs of violet and rose mingle with hints of raspberry and spice on the nose. 

  • A terroir expressive, gorgeously silky wine that rewards with red berry flavours and lithe tannins on a well-balanced palate.

Pairing suggestions

As a featured South African wine at Restaurant JAN,  Jan-Hendrik likes to pair Creation Pinot Noir with duck, berries, barbecue flavours and umami of all sorts, as well as Juniper berries and liquorice. 

Carolyn suggests a myriad choices. "Velvety goat's milk cheese, earthy beetroot, smoked duck's breast, raspberry and mustard seed reduction, both fresh, sweet and savoury. King Oyster mushrooms and other magical fungi or truffles are also beautiful combinations," she says, adding, "What grows together goes together, so from the ocean, which is so close to our vineyards, yellow-fin tuna and shellfish are also perfect pairings. Springbok Carpaccio is a wonderful game pairing. Fruit pairings are berries, quince and Turkish or Bordeaux figs. Flower pairings are rose and sweet violets. Herb pairings are rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme. Spice pairings include sumac, cinnamon and zatar."

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